This agreement is between Dianne Carter AKA Trinity Doodles, hereafter referred to as “Breeder” and the “Purchaser” for one companion pet Australian Labradoodle.  Companion pet shall be understood to mean that the puppy is considered solely as a companion pet. Puppy will be desexed before leaving Breeder. Buyer understands that the sale of this puppy is PET only.

 Health Warranty 

The Breeder guarantees that the puppy is in good health on the date of delivery.  Puppy will receive all age appropriate immunizations and deworming.  Buyer agrees to have a licensed veterinarian examine the puppy within 3 days of receipt.  If the puppy is determined to be unhealthy then a refund or a replacement when one is available will be given.  To claim a refund, the buyer must provide a veterinarian’s written statement of diagnosis, including a detailed description of all symptoms supporting that diagnosis, results of any tests performed, and the reason why he/she feels the dog is a poor health risk.  The breeder may obtain a second opinion at no cost to the buyer.  If the buyer does not have the dog examined within the first 3 days (business days) of receipt this warranty becomes null and void.  The first 3 years that have empirical evidence to support the diagnosis.  The full medical history and veterinarian records are required for a claim.   

Breeder warranties against all serious life altering genetic disease for the first three years, specifically

Hip dysplasia (must be diagnosed through OFA) Ratings of Moderate or Severe are covered.

Severe Patella luxation (must be confirmed after 14 months of age)

Severe Elbow luxation  (must be confirmed after 14 months of age)

Congenital heart defects

PRA prcd.

In the event that Dog is diagnosed with any of the conditions listed above, Breeder shall reimburse Buyer up to 100% of the purchase amount of the Dog for treatment of the condition, subject to the following conditions: 

Buyer shall provide Breeder with any and all veterinary records, including test results and other veterinary records leading to the diagnosis for the covered condition.

Breeder shall, at Breeder’s option and expense, obtain a second opinion from a veterinarian of Breeder’s choice.

Breeder reserves the right to confirm all results and request further testing as a condition of reimbursement to Buyer’s veterinarian.


Related to the portion of the genetic health warranty regarding hip dysplasia, this warranty shall be null and void if Dog is, or has been at any time, overweight or that the Dog’s/Dog’s joints have been over-stressed or injured in any way.

This warranty does not cover any health problems arising from trauma, abuse or failure to maintain general health care of the Dog.

This warranty also excludes issues such as, but not limited to, infections, improper bites, hernias, hypoglycemia, or any illness that may be caused by ingestion of a foreign object, food, or chemical.

Breeder excludes warranty for damages caused by the Dog or relating to the Dog.

Breeder excludes warranty for Dog’s coat quality, color, or any shedding tendencies or conditions whatsoever.

No other genetic conditions that may arise in the lifetime of the dog are covered by this warranty.

Trinity Doodles strives to produce the healthiest, most sound puppies available.  We proudly guarantee all puppies against covered genetic illness (see above list) and to be free from communicable disease at the time they come to your home.  Further, while many breeders require the return of the puppy/dog in order to receive a replacement puppy in the case of a covered genetic defect claim, we at Trinity Doodles do not.  We know that we could not relinquish a beloved pet, especially if it was sick and do not expect any good pet owner to do so.  We do require that a pet with a covered genetic defect be spayed or neutered if not already altered and that you exercise good judgement along with advice from your Veterinarian and put the animal down IF defect is SEVERE enough to cause the animal considerable pain or significantly diminish his/ her quality of life. You may, of course, return the animal to us if you desire but it is never required in order to receive a replacement puppy.  If a replacement puppy is not desired, breeder will contribute funds equal to the original purchase price paid towards medical costs with notice and the right to obtain a second opinion at the vet of the breeders choice.  Should communication not be initiated with the breeder indicating concerns in advance, this option will be void.  In an effort to strive for the healthiest puppies possible it is crucial for us to have knowledge of any health issues that may present themselves in the lines we create so that we may track them and adjust our program accordingly if necessary. 

The breeder is not responsible for any costs associated with the diagnosis and treatment of genetic disease or defect.  Autoimmune Deficiencies are not covered at this time as there are no genetic markers for testing and there may be environmental factors.

 This warranty will become null and void if dog is allowed to become overweight at any time during the warranty period.

 Breeder will provide accurate and complete health record of puppy.  This shall include record of all vaccinations and wormings and any other pertinent health information and conditions.

This warranty applies only to original buyer.  Upon transfer of ownership, this warranty shall become null and void.

 Should this puppy ever become subject to abuse of any type or neglect this warranty shall become null and void. Feeding the puppy poor quality food is a form of abuse.

 The Purchaser Agrees to:

1) Provide a good quality food.

2) This dog will be an indoor “house dog” and will not be kept outdoors on a permanent/long standing basis.

3) Provide human companionship.

4) Provide adequate training, exercise and mental stimulation.

5) Not ever give or sell this dog to any pet store, laboratory, puppy mill, Humane Society, animal shelter, or dog pound.  If at any time in its life the puppy is to be sold or given away, the Purchaser shall notify the Breeder to assist in re-homing the dog.

6) Secure the best veterinary care and attend to the physical and emotional welfare of this puppy throughout his life.  Provide routine preventative care including, but not limited to keeping vaccinations up to date and keep free of internal and external parasites.

 The Breeder hereby sells to the Purchaser, for the amount of $2600.00, one _____ (sex) ______ (color) Australian Labradoodle puppy. 

Full payment due at selection and prior to spay/neuter procedure and vet visit in preparation for homecoming. 


Trinity Doodles                                    Customer Name, address, phone & email

Breeder:  Dianne Carter                    






Signature of Breeder               Signature of Purchaser

Dianne Carter                          ____________________



                                               Date:  _________________


 Puppy Name:  Trinity’s______________


Puppy Dam:     _________________ 

Puppy Sire:  ___________________

Microchip:  ____________________

Birthdate: _____________________



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