What is the cost to adopt a Trinity Doodle Australian labradoodle puppy?

At this time, our fee is $2500. We will be increasing this to $2600 effective with our upcoming August litter (SweeTea & Tralee). This is our first increase in 12 years and is neccesary to meet all of our rising expenses. This includes a 3 year genetic health guarantee, vet check, health certificate, age appropriate vaccines, micro-chipping and spay/neuter. This price is for family companion pets only, not a puppy with breeding rights.

Why does it cost so much?

Done correctly, there are many costs associated with breeding. These expenses include, but are not limited to, extensive health testing, stud fees, veterinary care for our parent dogs and their puppies, vaccinations, spay/neuter procedures, micro-chipping and much more. We also offer a 3 year health guarantee. We believe in taking as many steps as possible to ensure the quality of the puppies we provide and that you cannot afford to not take these precautions.

Do you ever sell adult dogs or older puppies?

We do not place our breeding dogs when they retire. They already live with their loving forever family, who were carefully selected and previously part of our guardian family team.

We rarely have older puppies to place as they are most often reserved well in advance. When we do have an older puppy to place, we do not place them at a discounted rate. In fact most often we place them for a higher fee for the added value of the training and extra love we have poured into them.

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